18th June 2010 - Oldenburg

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Affinity is the most beautiful foal I have ever seen, she is absolutely exquisite. She has inherited her sires' World Class movement & her dam's sweet nature. She has elevated effortless paces & lovely uphill conformation. Aika's last foal was a Premium Foal & sold to Australia as a stallion prospect!

With her dream dressage pedigree of De Niro, Donnerhall, Fürst Heinrich, Florestan and Rubinstein this filly has it all!
BEF Higher First Premium Award

A Dream Dressage Horse

July Update
Affinity was the youngest foal presented at the Solihull Futurity and was amazing and captured many hearts - including the judges! They absolutely loved her and gave her a Higher First Premium Award! She got a fantastic 9 for her walk, 8.25 for her trot & 17 for her athleticism & 8 .75 for her attitude! They commented that she will be even more impressive when she is older & stronger. They said that she is one to watch for the future & predicts she will have a very promising dressage career ahead of her!

Well done little Princess!

Sire De Niro
In 2008 De Niro was named the Hanoverian Stallion of the year on the basis of his exceptional quality of his offspring and his influence on breeding. De Niro is a legendary sire due to his outstanding movement, extremely high 'rideability' and beautiful type. De Niro was Reserve Champion Performance Test scoring 9s in all three gaits and was awarded the highest scores for 'rideability' (9,67).

At 7 De Niro was already succeeding at Grand Prix. In 2001 he was Dressage Champion at the German Championships. In 2002 he was the winner of the international Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special and in 2003 he was the winner of the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg. De Niro's sire, Donnerhall, held the highest dressage breeding value index of all stallions. De Niro's dam was a successful dressage competitor producing an approved stallion in Westfalia. His dam's sire, Akzent II, is regarded as one of the best sires for producing 'rideability' in modern sport horse breeding, and has produced many approved stallions and expensive auction horses.

De Niro has already produced more than 60 approved sons. His foals are consistently of an elegant, modern type, showing excellent conformation as well as outstanding movement. His first foal crop got an overall mark of 9 by the Oldenburg commission, and based on the exceptional quality of his foals De Niro received the "Hauptpraemiensieger" (Main Premium Champion) award in 1997. His offspring are extremely popular all over the world, consistently reaching top prices at auctions.

Fürst Heinrich
The dam’s sire Fürst Heinrich was crowned World Dressage Champion as a five year old in 2003. With an above average breeding index of 160 points he is ranked as one of the leading dressage sires in the German Federation’s breeding evaluation.  He was a truly significant sire on the basis of his own performance record and off-spring. He was the winner of the 30 day test in Münster Handorf 2001 with the best scores in both dressage and jumping.  

Fürst Heinrich was the undisputed champion in the four year old stallions competing for the Main Premium at the Oldenburg Stallion days in 2002. In 2004 his first young sons appeared at approvals and made a sensational debut never seen before, in Vechta he presented not only the Champion but also the Reserve Champion stallion at the Oldenburg approval. In Münster-Handorf, Fürst Grandioso became the 1st Reserve Champion and Fürst Romadour a Premium stallion. With over 20 licensed sons, he more than proved his exceptional hereditary powers.  

The name Rubinstein is synonymous for his outstanding dressage hereditability and with elegant horses with high rideability. This is truly a stallion of the Century. A stallion like Rubinstein, who in 2000 at 14 years old died far too young, was during his lifetime a living legend. With 40 wins at Grand Prix level, a member of the 1996 Olympic team, he truly shined in the sport. He had in his short breeding career produced 66 licensed sons many of whom are influential breeding stallions. Rubinstein also sired 89 State Premium mares, auction stars and Grand Prix winners.

De Niro


Akzent II
Fürst Heinrich

......................Sire: De Niro ......... ............................................................................................. Dam: Aika