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We nurture our young horses and ensure the have the very best start in life.  Therefore it is equally important to us to find the right owner for each of them!

Somehow you know instinctively when a prospective owner meets a horse for the first time whether it is that dream partnership. I am delighted to say that over the years we have found so many lovely kind owners for our horses and here are a few testimonials from some of them.



Molly Smockum Owen, UK

Larkshill Brilliance
By Jameson RS2 x Elite Bugatti St

We weren't very experienced in purchasing young stock and were over the moon to find Heather and Larkshill Stud on our doorstep. Heather's care and concern for the foals and what she wants for their future for them is very comforting and she guided us through each stage of the process brilliantly. We love our Billie and are looking forward to watching her father's progress, as well as being really thrilled to watch her progression.

Jameson oozes quality in every gait and we are so excited to watch Billie follow in his footsteps. Having Negro on her father’s line in addition to Don Schufro on her mother’s makes her, like all of Heather’s foals, a really exciting prospect for us. As we already owned a talented Don Schufro descendent we are so excited to see what Negro brings to the lineage. Her mother’s temperament is second to none as is her father’s ride-ability. We will be forever grateful to Heather for guiding us through the process!

Molly Smockum Owen, UK



Alissa Dragstedt, USA

Larkshill Secret Love
By Secret x OLH PR Larkshill Scandalous

Larkshill Stud does it right and it shows.

Heather has purposefully and meticulously made her breeding selections for her stud for rideability, athleticism, beauty, and health. I have been following her breeding for years and was lucky enough to purchase her fourth generation filly, Larkshill Secret Love!

Heather gives her young offspring the very best start, from proper feeding, hoof care, deworming, and veterinary visits when needed. Most importantly, Larkshill stud lets horses develop as nature intended them to. There are rolling pastures, spacious run in barns, large clean stalls, and excellent footing in the outdoor arena. Heather is committed to letting young foals learn at their own pace without pressure. Thank you for that, Heather!

My filly needed to be prepared to load and travel on an airplane. Due to the great start that Heather gave her, she handled it with ease, and my little filly showed the other foals how they needed to travel! Now safely in Florida, my filly is first and foremost gorgeous, a complete eye-catcher. She is well bred, confident, and super sweet, like a puppy dog. Her gaits are stunning and balanced and I have hopes of riding down the center line doing a Grand Prix test with her one day, and having fun doing it!

Thank you, Heather, for my wonderful filly, and my promise to you is that I will continue to uphold the high standards that were set for our Larkshill Secret Love.

Alissa Dragstedt, USA



Tahley Reeve Smith, UK

Larkshill St James
By Sezuan x Andorra AK (Florencio x Enterprice)

Larkshill Stud set in Buckinghamshire runs a small Elite herd of mares who produce a small number of talented, quality foals each year.

Run by Heather Stack who studies and chooses the best stallions, both up and coming and proven stallions to match with her mares, to produce the next generation of young stock . Heather focuses on the personal touch -  it is definitely quality over quantity. If you are lucky enough as I am to have one of her foals, you have all the potential for a top class competition horse - as good as if not better than any you will find at any top stud here or abroad!

Tahley Reeve Smith, UK



Niki and Hermioné Tottman, UK

Larkshill Veyron (pictured)
By Negro x Elite Bugatti St (Discovery /Don Schufro)

Larkshill Spellbound
by Revolution x Elite & St Pr St Show Hit

It is an idyllic setting and the attention to detail that led us to Heather Stack's wonderful breeding programme at Larkshill Stud.

Heather generously agreed to breed a foal for us with a "unique" young rider recipe for success at advanced dressage. What Heather did for us was personal and 'bespoke'. We are delighted with our filly Larkshill Veyron (Negro x Elite Bugatti St).  She is at home with us, at Olivers Equestrian, as a yearling and playing out in the fields growing strong and moving like an angel.

Next we look forwards with great excitement to the delivery this Spring of a very special foal. This is the adventurous and creative streak, that marks Heather as a modern breeder with world class goals. We are lucky indeed, to be awaiting one of the remarkable young stallion Revolution's first crop of foals. Revolution was awarded premium at both the Danish and at the Hanoverian licensing where he sold for an incredible 1.2 Million euros. He went on to be the Danish performance test winner with a score of 977, scoring 7 x the score of 10 and 9.5 for all other marks!! This score has only been bettered once by the triple world champion Sezuan who scored 987 marks, lets hope Revolution follows in his footsteps!

Heather has put Revolution to her superb mare Elite and St.Pr.St Show Hit , stallion mother and mother of several confirmed off spring!!! The result? Well, we hope it can only be phenomenal!

Thank you Heather for this wonderful opportunity. We are so lucky and have great hopes for the future.

Niki and Hermioné Tottman (UK)



Richard and Beth Muckle, UK

St.Pr St. Larkshill Scandalous
By Fürst Heinrich x Pr St Larkshill Supremacy by
De Niro

We could not be happier with our beautiful Scandal, she is all and more than we could of ever hoped for. She has a fabulous temperament and looks to match.

You can tell she has been extremely well cared for and truly loved from day one as she is so loving, friendly and easy going. It has been an absolute pleasure buying from Heather and we will not hesitate in returning to Larkshill Stud in the future for another mare to match our gorgeous Scandal!

Beth and Richard Muckle, UK



Leslie Waterman, USA

Larkshill Spectacular

By Sezuan x Pr St Larkshill Supremacy by De Niro

How did I come to find Heather, Larkshill Stud, and finally my enchanting filly Larkshill Spectacular from all the way across the Atlantic and then some in Nashville Tennessee. The answer is simply three words. Research, research, research.

This is what I do when I go looking for a new filly or colt to add to our team of dressage competitors. I look for the best breeders. I look for the best mares. I look for a dedication to quality that goes far beyond good business and shows demonstrable passion both in planning and results.

So what a joy it was to open a web site one day and see Heather's mares, her breeding program, her results. What a pleasure it was to open up a dialogue of shared passion for developing dressage horses of international quality.

As of Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, I can count myself a privileged owner and fuss over my gorgeous filly in person. She made the long journey well with her sensible and robust nature. Glorious is the word that comes to mind describing her. I hope she will be one of many Larkshill progeny that make the journey to my farm. Thank you Heather for all the thought and care that went into producing this high caliber horse.. in mind, beauty and movement.

Leslie Waterman, Nashville Tennessee, USA



Olivier Debilde, Belgium

Larkshill Magnifique
By Ampere x Pr St Machita

It's always difficult to buy a foal without seeing them and I don't usually like to do that, but Larkshill Stud was a bit too far  for me to visit so I decided  to take the risk and I am so pleased I did.

Very quickly Heather gave me the feeling of a being a real professional in her work and that she gives a lot of care and attention to her foals.  It was very a long time to wait to the autumn to discover the beautiful face of Larkshill Magnifique ... but she is so pretty that I'm not disappointed to have wait so long! I will never forget the first time where I discovered Larkshill Magnifique’s movement in her new paddock. Immediately I knew I had made a really good choice: she has a natural dancing movement with a good conformation and three very good gaits. I think she has a great future ahead of her and I will try to give her the best chances to accomplish it .  

I specially want to thank Heather for her honesty and her professional work. I'm so happy with Larkshill Magnifique that she will be probably will not be the last foal that I will buy from Heather!

Olivier Debilde, Belgium



Kath Heappey , UK

Larkshill Fürst Knight

By Fürst Heinrich x Elite & St Pr St Show Hit

From my first phone call to Heather it was as if we had known each other years, I wasn't speaking to a breeder but another horse lover!

Although I am trying to find a potential star for my son Tim or daughter Nathalie I'm not ashamed to admit that all our horses become members of our family, it was clear from the start that Heather's Larkshill horses are one big family. I felt  100% confidence in all that Heather advised and knew that always Heather's first priority was the welfare of the individual baby.  I think it's rare to find such a knowledgeable stud owner that's managed to maintain such a hands on approach to every individual . I feel that you really become a part of Larkshill Stud and  take pride in reading about the success of all the Larkshill members . My little boy came home and he straight away got named Larry because "he's happy as Larry", nothing bothers him!   As I'm not that experienced with young foals it was great to know that I could always ask Heather about anything.

Larkshill stud is going from strength to strength and I feel very privileged to be a tiny part of it. Thank you Heather from all of us xx Kath, Tim and Nathalie Heappey.

Kath Heappey, UK



Julie Riches, UK

Larkshill Jubilant

By Negro x Elite Bugatti ST

Early this year I decided that I would really like to look for a new addition to my small family. I knew I wanted a foal that had the potential to fit into some very large shoes .

After hours / days/ weeks of looking I fell upon the stunning sight of Larkshill Jubilant on Heather's website.  Well it didn't take me long to realised that Heather is amazing at choosing fabulous combinations in her mares and stallions , which means that Jubilant has good confirmation and a great trainable brain.

I went with my family to see Jubilant at 2 months old fell in love with this fabulous little chap. Just what I have always liked in horses cheeky , loved, handsome, but above all exceptionally well behaved colt.  I feel privileged that Jubilant is now mine just can't wait to start his training. 

I am very thankful for the care and time that Heather took in the most important time in his life. I know it will make a difference in the future. Personally I will never buy a foal from anyone else! 
I have no doubt that Heather will be there to cheer us on in the future. 

Thank you Heather.

Julie Riches, UK



Christianne Williams, UK

Larkshill Serenity

By Hotline x Elite & St Pr St Show Hit

After several horse-less years, the decision to take on a foal was a big one, not to mention very exciting. Much searching and researching led me to Larkshill Stud and Larkshill Serenity.

While I was charmed by Serenity's athleticism and plucky personality, Heather's credentials impressed most. Here was someone who clearly knew what they were doing and had put a lot of time and energy into producing the highest quality offspring from her beautiful mares. What was also clear was that she is passionate about what she does and cares immensely that her little stars have the best start in life. That Serenity has been given the best chance to reach her potential from day one is so comforting to me as I get to know her and plan our future. 

As a first time foal owner, I am very grateful to Heather for her ongoing support. She has been more than happy to pass on the benefit of her years of experience in answering my many questions. Thank you Heather for all your hard work and guidance - and I'll no doubt be in touch when we're ready to add to our four-legged family!

Christianne Williams, UK

Update July 2015

We are delighted to say that Christianne has this year purchased two more Larkshill babies, namely Larkshill Debutante (Don Frederico x St.Pr St Ronja) and Larskhill Allure ( Sezuan x Andorra AK).



Ceci Morley, UK

Larkshill Maestro

By Metall x Pr St Machita by Samarant

After making the decision to take on a foal, hours, days and weeks of internet searching, phone calls and emails began. When I found Larkshill Stud and contacted Heather I felt a sigh of relief and a sense that I had found what I was looking for.

Heather was clearly knowledgeable and passionate about breeding well behaved, confident dressage horses with superb blood lines. Heather was incredible helpful and flexible with everything from initial viewing to picking my gorgeous Larkshill Maestro up. Since bringing Maestro home I have kept in touch with Heather about his progress. Not only do I feel I have bought an exquisite foal I have also found a friend. Heather's calm and patient approach to her young stock as well as the important quality time she spends with them is clearly reflected in the mares and foal behaviour. They are all very relaxed and laid back as they feel safe and have nothing to fear or worry about. I am very excited about the future and cannot wait for Maestro to reach riding age.

I feel privileged to own a Larkshill bred horse.  Larkshill Maestro is the most beautiful, relaxed, confident and well behaved foal anyone could dream of. I can strongly recommend Heather and her horses to anyone looking to acquire a high quality, extremely well bred and exceptionally well behaved youngster.

Thank you very much Heather for this opportunity and for your continuing support.

Mrs Ceci Morley B.Vet.Med.MRCVS, UK



Olga Manyati, Russia

Larkshill Heritage

By Uthopia x Gribaldi x Ferro

We saw the pictures of our amazing Larkshill Heritage on the Internet and ……..… we fell in love with him at first sight!


Never before have we seen such a beautiful foal!  When we read more about him and his excellent breeding, we realized that our first impression was not a mistake and that he was our dream horse!

We are very grateful to Heather for her help with the implementation of our dream.  It’s hard to imagine a greater help in buying a horse than the help we received from Heather. We are located in Russia, Heritage - in England, he is younger than a year old ... what shall we do? We are very grateful to Heather for her advice to raise the foal in Europe - she found for us fabulous stud in Germany where our Heritage now happily lives in the company of his peers and where he gets excellent care. Many thanks to Heather for her competence and accuracy in all that has been associated with buying Heritage and sending  to Europe.

We are delighted with the wealth of knowledge that Heather of the Larkshill Stud has in dressage horses breeding and we are confident that our Larkshill Heritage (Uthopia x Gribaldi x Ferro) will be a great  success in sport.  This is not the last horse we will buy from Larkshill Stud!

From the happy owners of Larkshill Heritage Olga and Zhanna.

Ольга и Жанна, Russia



Harriet Livesey, UK

Elite Mare Edmona

By Royal Diamond x Pr.St. Elegance by De Niro

In foal to Don Tango - all her previous foals have been awarded Premium status. Edmona comes from a family who has produced 17 Licensed Stallions including Serano Gold, Sungold, Rosengold OLD, Diamo Gold OLD, Fürst Romancier &Landjuwel Gold. There are also 5 Grand prix horses and 2 Olympic horses!

I first contacted Heather in October 2012 looking for a foundation broodmare, I knew she had an amazing reputation so I suspected I would be in good hands but I wasn't prepared for how much time and care she was about to put into helping me find Edmona.

Initially I was interested in Larkshill Cascadia who eventually sold to another owner but Heather was due to fly out to Germany in November 2012 for the Oldenburg Stallion grading and said she would keep an eye out for broodmares that might match what I was looking for.  I was very concerned with finding a broodmare with the right temperament  which I knew I could totally trust Heather with, I was also looking for exceptional bloodlines , a carefully handled and greatly loved mare.  She returned from Germany brimming with excitement about Edmona. I knew a last minute trip out to Germany for the day with a 3 am start was definitely going to be worth it. I fell for Edmona immediately, her bloodlines, conformation and above all temperament exceeded what I had been looking for.

Heather handled everything from Edmona's vetting and transport from Germany with great ease and efficiency using all her most trusted contacts.  Her attention to detail and passion for what she does is outstanding but  more importantly I recognised very early on that her absolute dedication to the welfare and happiness of her horses is always her priority.

Edmona continues to be a constant source of joy,  made possible by the very pleasurable journey in finding her!

Harriet Livesey, UK



Olga Berezkina, Russia

Larkshill Bravado

By Bretton Woods x St.Pr.St. Ronja by Rotspon

We are very pleased to have purchased Larkshill Bravado and look forward to him being a top dressage horse.  

Thank you many times for your work and attention to detail in sending Bravado to Germany and thank you very much for your care in looking after him so well. Bravado has successfully arrived in our stable in Saint Petersburg today!!! He feels and looks good. He is amazing and very very sweet.

I'm very happy to work with you and hope to have deals with you in the future!

Thank you again for everything !!

Olga Berezkina, Russia




Harriet Bennett, UK

Larkshill Hallelujah

By Bretton Woods out of Elite Mare Bugatti St.

Having first met Heather a couple of years ago we were so taken by her dedication to breeding and her very special herd, that we knew that we would only ever consider buying a horse from Larkshill Stud.

In choosing a future competition prospect as well as conformation, for us temperament was key. Heather's unique ability has given each foal the best chance for success. With her deep knowledge of complimentary world class bloodlines and her gentle, natural approach to horse care and herd management, each foal has flourished with the organic lifestyle and is well balanced and confident.
We have recently purchased Halle (Larkshill Hallelujah) and we can not praise this filly enough - I could genuinely talk about her all day! She traveled well and settled immediately, is incredibly polite, laid back and is just a real pleasure. We can not thank Heather enough for all of the groundwork that she put in and for all of her invaluable advice and support she has given us, it is so reassuring to know that she is just at the end of the phone.

Harriet Bennett, UK



Jane and Katy James, Glanwin Meadow, UK

Larkshill L'Amour

By Dimaggio out of Champion mare Libitina by Beatos

Larkshill L’Amour is our very first and very special foal. I will tell you how we came about getting her.

As a family we only became familiar with horses ten years ago when we bought a piece of land and built a livery yard. Since then my now 16 year old daughter, Katy, has become a very proficient horsewoman and even aspires to becoming an equine vet. Last year she started working at Larkshill Stud to gain more experience with handling mares with their foals and also to give a very dedicated Heather a well earned few hours off. Although Katy started work at Heathers when L’Amour was a couple of months old she fell in love with her little, naughty, cheeky antics. Katy was already actively looking for another dressage horse to purchase but hadn't ever considered buying a foal.

As a fairly inexperienced family I was horrified at the thought of taking on a foal, but still went to see Heather to talk it all through. Heather was really helpful and after being told all the timescales of backing and all the different things we needed to do to keep her socialised I was sure we were doing the right thing.

L’Amour became ours and we have never looked back. All the problems I had thought of when owning a foal, like loading, handling, biting, barging, fence manners, trimming by the farrier etc, had all been done so early in L’Amour's life that she is a pleasure to own. Katy has no issues with L’Amour at all and this is all down to Heathers experience, patience and general upbringing. She spends so much time with the foals that they become so well adjusted that owning one of her foals is nothing to be afraid of.

Thank you Heather so much!

Jane and Katy James, Glanwin Meadow, UK



Catherine and Jean Feeney, Scotland

Larkshill Donatella

By Don Presidente out of St.Pr.St. Ronja by Rotspon

With an eye to the future we had been considering the purchase of a foal for some years before finally deciding the time was right in 2011. We looked extensively both here in the UK and abroad, determined to find the very best foal we possibly could.

We wanted to find a filly not only with the pedigree, conformation and temperament suitable for sport but also as we have a keen interest in breeding, with the quality to perhaps in the future be our foundation broodmare and in Donatella we are confident we have found exactly that.
Having researched studs and mare lines for some time we were well aware of Larkshill Stud and Heather's phenomenal reputation but even that had not prepared us for quite how impressed we were going to be.

As soon as you arrive at Larkshill you know you are somewhere very special. Idyllically situated there is a real sense of peace, tranquility and well-being. The mares are all spectacular, each carefully chosen and exceptional in their own right The sense of heath, happiness and contentment amongst the herd is palpable and testament to Heather's methods, care and attention to detail. This has to be one of the most superb mare groups in the country.

We could not be more thrilled with the filly we have purchased, she is everything we could have dreamt of and more. Not only does she have breathtaking, off the floor paces but she is utterly charming, confident, polite and a complete joy to handle and be around. Already demonstrating a huge capacity to learn we are incredibly excited about her future.

We have found it very hard to put into words quite how outstanding we found Larkshill Stud to be. It's also been a complete joy to get to know someone so passionate, caring, professional and knowledgeable as Heather and her enthusiasm is completely infectious. The only problem we found with Larkshill is that once you arrive you will never want to leave!

We cannot recommend Heather and her horses highly enough and would be happy to speak to anyone requiring a further reference.

Catherine and Jean Feeney, Scotland



Megan Broady, UK

Larkshill Rheindancer
By Sarkozy out of Rheindayla by E.H. Hohenstein

I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to purchase Larkshill Rheindancer from Heather.  The horses from Larkshill Stud not only have the bloodlines and beauty for top class careers but temperaments to die for. 

I know Heather works so hard to ensure they are all well mannered, kind and confident when they leave and this definitely shone through when we took ‘Little R’ home. Heather's time and commitment to her horses is second to none, the advice and support she offers is indispensable.  I could’t recommend her and her breeding knowledge highly enough.  Not only does she use the most breath taking stallions but her broodmares are of outstanding quality too, they truly are a classy bunch of girls!

I am absolutely thrilled with my gorgeous filly and I’m confident I will purchase another Larkshill horse again in the future.

Thank you Heather!

Megan Broady, UK



January 2013 Update
Larkshill Desert Storm has just been Licensed with the Australian Warmblood Assocation! Congratulations to his owner Jane Jones!

Jane Jones, Australia

Larkshill Desert Storm
By Dr Doolittle out of Aika by Fürst Heinrich

In November 2008, whilst seeking to purchase a Colt with exceptional bloodlines to import to Australia as a Stallion prospect, I came into contact with Heather Stack, Proprietor of Larkshill Stud.

Once deciding to purchase the Colt (STORM), the whole process from there on in, through the transport from Germany to England, weaning, pre purchase vet checks, X-rays, quarantine to his safe arrival in Australia has been one of the most pleasurable, worry and stress free experiences that I have ever encountered when buying a horse.

Heather is to be commended for all her efforts, support, assurances & her professionalism, together with her dedication and love for her horses and their ongoing well being. I would have no hesitations in recommending anyone, particularly overseas buyers from dealing with Heather, and will definitely call on her services and expertise in the future. Should anyone seek further clarification, please contact me on +61.419.553.693 or through my website:

Jane Jones, Yering Equestrian Park, AUSTRALIA



Louise Baker, UK

Larkshill Decadence
By De Niro out of St.Pr.St. Show Hit by Show Star

I’m lucky enough to have bought Larkshill Decadence (Dex to his friends!) from Heather and I am delighted with him.  He is, as are all Heathers horses, beautiful and talented with a truly people friendly temperament.  He is destined for a dressage career – so watch this space !

Heather has a passion and energy for breeding top class horses.  She carefully matches her beautiful mares to fantastic stallions to continue to produce exceptionally high quality offspring.  Added to this, her approach to managing the mares and young stock leads to well-balanced, confident horses that are lovely to be around. 

I cannot recommend Heather highly enough.  She is not only very knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge, she is always ready to help even after the horses have left her…….and she also makes a great cup of tea! 

Go and visit Larkshill if you are looking for a special young horse.

Louise Baker, UK


Debbie, Jack and Daisy Jackson, UK

Fürst Larkshill
By Fürst Heinrich out of Monik by De Niro

Prada & Larkshill Tänzer

We first met Heather Stack of Larkshill Stud in 2009 when we were looking for a broodmare to breed a top dressage prospect for our daughter Daisy. We viewed Prada who was at the time in foal to Benetton Dream and were impressed by Heather’s breeding ethics and the way her horses live in a herd as nature intended. The fact that Heather hand picks all her mares and stallions carefully with temperament and trainability of utmost importance, as well as the obvious qualities you expect from a top mare/stallion was key to us buying Prada.  

After taking Prada home we found Heather to be over and above what we expected in terms of aftercare. As this was our first foal we were understandably apprehensive and Heather was always at the end of a phone or would reply quickly to emails with endless advice and support. When our fantastic foal Larkshill Boogie Woogie Tänzer finally arrived in April last year the aftercare continued as it does still today. Heather is always on hand to advise us with weaning, grading, traveling and anything else that we are unsure about. The icing on the cake for us was that Tänzer was awarded the Oldenburg Foal Premium - we were over the moon!

We contacted Heather again last year as we were looking for a young horse as a Grand Prix prospect for Daisy and went on to buy Fürst Larkshill (aka Tango). Prior to his purchase we had viewed videos of over 400 horses in the UK and there were only 2 that had the quality that we were looking for within our budget and happily one of those was Tango. Daisy’s trainer Nicola Buchanan (nee. Jourdain) came with us to try him and really loved him. She advised us he would be a great prospect for Daisy and we made the decision then and there.

So we now have 3 Larkshill horses and are eagerly awaiting Prada’s next foal due this summer. All of our Larkshills have the most amazing temperaments, no hang-ups, excellent movement and exude quality. If/when we are looking for another youngster/foal or broodmare without a doubt Larkshill Stud will be our very first port of call.

Debbie, Jack and Daisy Jackson , UK



Paula Hebbard, UK

Larkshill's Limited Edition
By Stedinger out of Libitina by Beatos

In April 2009 I began looking for an exceptional horse that I could compete and later use for breeding. I found Larkshill Stud and when I saw Ede I immediately knew she was the one for me!

Meeting Heather was a real delight, she was incredibly welcoming and professional. I was increasingly impressed and reassured with Heather's knowledge, love for natural horsemanship and well being. I therefore had no hesitation in purchasing Ede. Heather made the whole experience hassle free by kindly agreeing to be available for the vetting and later transporting Ede to me. I can honestly say that I had no stress and Heather went beyond all my expectations.

Heather's passion and dedication for horses is admirable and fundamentally reassures me that Edie has had the best possible start in life. Heather has been incredibly supportive throughout and has continued to offer her guidance and expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heather and will continue to seek her advice in the future.

Paula Hebbard, UK



Pippa & Peter Geddes, UK

Larkshill Affinity
By De Niro out of Aika by
Fürst Heinrich

Email 6th March 2011 after Affinity left the stud as a weanling

HI Heather, I know Peter has called you already to say that Affinity traveled back to Shropshire very well - but I just had to let you know how incredibly settled she is here!

Although she hasn't been in her own stable before and is next to a horse she hasn't seen before, she is just so laid back that has taken to it like a duck to water. She looks as though she hasn't a care in the world, eating her haynet as though she had been living in that box all her life. 

She has the right bloodlines and conformation to do well, but thank you so much for putting in the extra time to handle her regularly and give her a great start.

Email 18th March 2011

Hi Heather
Have been meaning to drop you a line to let you know that Affinity is settling in very well. I will get some pics in the next week to send to you - she is just so grown up. I can't thank you enough for handling her so well. She is an absolute delight!

Pippa Geddes, UK



Chloe Bernard, UK

Dream Boy purchased by Larkshill Stud at the Hanoverian Elite Auction
By Don Romantic out of Hedda by E.H. Hohenstein

It’s been over 4 years since I first contacted Heather to ask for some advice regarding buying a youngster with Dressage in mind. After a while we met up and I was shown all her horses in their fields. They were all exceptionally well cared for and obviously loved humans.

She introduced me to Rocky (Dream Boy) and I fell in love with him; a very short time later I bought him. For a few months he continued to live at Larkshill Stud, during which time Heather helped me get to know him better and taught me to handle youngsters. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional but very kind with it.

Rocky is now 5 years old and an amazing horse. We have taken our time with him but hopefully will be entering competitions this year. He is my horse of a lifetime and I cannot wait to see what we achieve in his.

Heather has always been there when I’ve had questions along the way and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a top class dressage youngster. She treats every horse as an individual brings them up to like humans superbly.

Chloe Bernard, UK