12 May2 23 May 1989 - TB Cross
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I would like to introduce you to my horse of a lifetime - His Majesty.

Words cannot describe how much I love Majesty. He is the most amazing horse I have ever met - kind, sensitive, confident and intelligent.

We have been together a long time and he is without doubt the equine love of my life.

Pictured on the left is Majesty and his heir apparent His Royal Highness.......like father like son, well almost!

Majesty and I have show jumped, team chased and done dressage over the years as well as enjoying a few riotous pub rides - he always got me home thank goodness! I think you can safely describe Majesty as " Not a Novice ride"! Having said that he is honest and has never refused a jump. Talking of which - his show jumping days were fun, although trying to get him to jump in a jump off when the course had changed was always a bit of a challenge - he would remember the course he has already done and couldn't understand why I wanted him to go a different way the next time!

I think it's fair to say his favourite sport is team chasing and cross country as he can gallop for ever and fly over the jumps - much to my horror! We have given dressage a whirl in our latter years and to be honest he thought that was way too dull and couldn't understand where all the jumps were!!

Majesty plays a crucial role in the herd, keeping everyone happy, relaxed and keeping the cheeky youngsters in line. I can trust him with new born foals, new mares - in fact if I don't put him in with a new mare he just pops the fence and says hello himself and sees whether she is worthy of his herd! He is very dominant and is definitely top dog but he has never kicked or bitten any of the horses -his body language is so strong he only has to give them disapproving look and that's enough. He seems to know when horses need some love and a reassurance. He has also protected some of the little ones when someone has stepped out of line, putting himself in between the youngster and the attacking horse, calm is soon restored as they know better than to take on Majesty. He has made my life so much easier at the stud, he helps trains the young ones, keeps the mares happy and of course me!

He has one particular mare who he absolutely adores namely Libitina. He is so devoted to Libitina and as she is both my and Majesty's favourite mare, it seems only fitting that I should keep her first colt as my next horse as Majesty's successor - His Royal Highness. What's so funny is that from the day HRH was born he has spent so much time with Majesty, I suppose because his mum hangs out with him. Majesty is temporarily baby sitting the three 2 year old colts and again HRH is following his lead and bossing the other two around - I have even seen HRH trying his luck with Majesty but he is very quickly put in his place!!

HRH will have a long wait to fill Majesty's shoes, as Majesty is very young at only 20 and so he has decades in front of him yet but then of course he will be living for ever! Silly Me!!!